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Monday, July 24, 2006


TO: Patrick J. Buchanan
FROM: The “Amen Corner”


I have had a chance to peruse your most recent diatribe, entitled: No, This is Not 'Our War', published on July 24 in the WorldNet Daily, and I must say that it represents yet another impressive push of the envelope on your part.

Your conclusion, as I understand it, is that, as Americans, the epic worldwide struggle between the forces of good and evil, of light and darkness, of civilization and anarchy is, in essence, none of our business.

My first question to you is this: Where were you during Sunday School Bible classes, back in the day? Were there no references to apocalyptic prophesy? To Gog and Magog? Or can it be that you were paying attention only during the discussions of Jews as Christ Killers (by the way, Pat, that canard as an article of doctrine has been gone from Catholic teachings since Vatican II, leaving, apparently, only you and Mel Gibson as its ongoing adherents). In addition, your isolationist theology is, of course, a matter of public record over a long career. It has, of course, no legitimate place in a world in which substantial numbers of very bad people, who stand on the precipice of nuclear capability, are quite prepared to do whatever is necessary to return us to the Seventh Century. Perhaps you wax nostalgic for such a time. Most of us, alas, do not.

So your affinity for discredited ideologies is well-known. What should we expect next? Your thoughts on phrenology? A paid-up membership in the “Flat Earth Society”?

Is it possible that a seemingly intelligent being, a citizen of the world, is so suffused with loathing for Israel and anything Jewish that he is blinded to the plain threat facing Western Civilization?

Your customary accusation of the American Jewish Community and the--I LOVE THIS ONE—“Hairy Chested Warriors at the Weekly Standard” (Note to newcomers to Buchananspeak: that’s code for JEWS) of putting their loyalties to Israel above those to America is wearing a tad thin. It happens that the interest of the perpetuation of civilization is common to all people of good will…even (gasp) Israelis!

Your reference to Ken Mehlman as “braying” his support for Israel represents Jew-baiting at its finest, but I’m afraid it is a bit too unsubtle for you. It might, however, be a good phrase for you to keep on file for your planned sequel to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

You point out, in your piece, that Iran, but not Israel, has signed on to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Should we infer from this that you are satisfied that Iran has no designs on nuclear weaponry? If so, I beg you to say so publicly, so that you can be revealed as the apologist for radical Islam that you are. If not, please tell us that, so we can see that your statement is motivated by nothing other than plain hatred of Israel and its “Amen Corner.”

And while we’re on the subject of “Amen Corners,” Pat, you should be aware that Jews, just like everyone else in this nation, have the right to advocate any position that they please in international affairs, including support for the State of Israel. As you know, most non-Jews in America also value the “special relationship” between these two nations. Although you regularly suggest with the subtlety of an onrushing subway train that this represents disloyalty to America, it happens that American and Israeli interests have virtually always been aligned, as Israel is the SOLE consistent and reliable democratic state in the Mid-East. I suggest that the question of our ongoing loyalty to the House of Saud (which I’m sure distresses you not one whit) is a somewhat tougher case to make.

Just as your forebears came to this land to escape the potato blight, colonial oppression and the confiscation of their land, so mine fled from the Pale of Settlement in Russia and either escaped or survived the Fires of Auschwitz. You and yours have no greater claim on the bounties and freedoms America offers than we do, and all your thinly-veiled suggestions to the contrary will not wash. I don’t love America any less than you do, even as I love and support the State of Israel against its enemies. Its enemies, as it happens, are the enemies of civilized humankind as we know it.

Wake up, Pat, and lose the attitude. Remember those pale timid Jewish boys that you and your coterie of Irish toughs used to intimidate when you were a kid? They are an anachronism. A new Jew is abroad in the world, of which the Israeli soldier is merely emblematic: A Jew who proudly wears the mantle of King David, Bar Kochba and Mordecai Anilevitch (if you don’t know who some of those people are, look them up…you probably have internet access by now). We are a people who will survive, no matter what. And the same goes for the State of Israel. We are all threatened by what President Bush has prophetically named “the axis of evil.” And by “all,” I mean to include even you. I would have thought you would understand that. But it’s not too late to see the truth. Come on, Pat. Despite everything, you are a smart guy. It’s time to choose sides. Which one are you really on?

Warren R. Graham
Copyright 2006


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